Price: $80.90 per box ($13.49 each)


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Badminton Racquet by the pick-a-color 6-pack. White racquet head, colored "T" Bracket Joiner piece in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, or Purple.

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Finally, a break resistant Institutional Badminton Racquet! Designed, tested, and molded in the USA by the makers of the durable Pick-A-Paddle!

We guarantee our racquet to last longer than any other racquet sold at this price for ONE YEAR (2-3 three-week units).


  • Designed in the USA
  • Tested in the USA
  • Molded in the USA
  • CPSC Certified for Sporting Goods


Our badminton racquet has been field tested at two high schools for over a year. All racquets have been reported to be still in play! The strung head allows for the teaching of skills while having break resistant qualities, and is attached to our break-resistant handle with our Patented "T" Bracket Joiner.

Badminton Racquet

Price: $161.80 per box ($13.49 each)

SKU/Item Number: PAPBRNY

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Badminton Racquet by the dozen. Blue racquet head, red color "T" Bracket Joiner piece.

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