Junior Paddles, per Pick-A-Color 6-pack


Price: $37.50 per box / half dozen ($6.25 each)

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The one-piece paddle that is break-resistant, and specifically designed for elementary and junior high school levels.

Actual product size is 13 3/8" x 6 3/4" and weighs 7 ounces.

Junior Pick-A-Paddle

Packed by the dozen, as one color per box, or in our "Pick-A-Color" six pack

Colors available: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Purple

Minimum order (1) One Dozen Weight Master Carton: 4 Dozen / 25 lbs

Junior Paddles, Per Dozen (Specify Color)

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Price: $75.00 per box ($6.25 each)


Junior Red (JPPR)
Junior Blue (JPPB)
Junior Yellow (JPPY)
Junior Green (JPPG)
Junior Orange (JPPO)
Junior Purple (JPPP)

Single Paddle Set of 6 Jr Paddles