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   About Pick-A-Paddle

The Pick-A-Paddle, Inc. story began in 1986 with an idea to produce a quality break resistant one piece molded paddleball paddle for institutional use.  The Founder of the company, Howard Sokol, (Pictured right below) a High School physical educator, saw a need for a durable paddle for the activities that were being taught at the secondary level.  

 Paddle activities were placed in the curriculum and were well received by instructors and students.  One of the more popular games was a form of short court tennis played on a badminton court. 

The high breakage rate of the paddle equipment and the cost of replacing this equipment put the activity at risk of elimination in some schools as supply budgets were squeezed.  The development of the Pick-A-Paddle solved two problems.   The paddles were break resistant and very durable, being used for years instead of units.  The cost of the Pick-A-Paddle was comparable to the wooden models and in most cases much less expensive to purchase.  The paddles are made in the USA with materials made in the USA. 

As with most good ideas the paddle has been copied by foreign manufactures, they may look similar, but the quality of material is not the same.  Pick-A-Paddle is the only ‘Quality Paddle for Quality Fun’.   The original model or what is now called the Adult model was first made in only three colors, Red, White and Blue.  The paddles were sold in like colors by the dozen.   Currently the Adult model is sold in seven different colors in like colors by the dozen or in a Pick-A-Color six pack with one paddle of six different colors. 

The paddles were first tested for durability at a couple of selected sites before they were sold in the market place.  After the durability was proven the paddle was offered to many of the High Schools in the Chicago suburban area. The success of the original model grew from there.   The distinctive design and the product name Pick-A-Paddle are now well known in the Physical Education community. 

 In 1994 Pick-A-Paddle Junior was introduced.   The Junior paddle weighs only 7 ounces and has the same durability characteristics as the original Pick-A-Paddle. The paddle was designed to enable physical educators at the elementary and junior high school levels to teach racket and paddle skills with an appropriate sized paddle.  The paddle has a smaller grip size and can be handled easily by the younger player. Using a foam or plastic ball numerous games can be used to teach proper striking skills. In 1994 the paddle was introduced in four colors, red, blue, green and yellow.  The paddles were sold by the dozen in like colors.  Currently the Junior paddles in available by the dozen in like colors, or in the Pick-A-Color Six Pack with one paddle of each of the six colors. 

The Pick-A-Paddle Table Tennis paddle made its debut in 1999.  The one piece, break resistant paddle is made from a special soft material that makes it the most durable Table Tennis paddle in the market place.  If it doesn’t have the Pick-A-Paddle name on it, it’s a cheaper imitation knock off and it will not be made with our special material.  The paddles are sold in Pick-A-Color six packs, one of each of six colors in a half dozen box. 

Pick-A-Paddle brand paddles can be found in all of the major Physical Education equipment catalogs.  The (ADA) Athletic Dealers of America dealers also carry the Pick-A-Paddle brand.  The Pick-A-Paddle has become the solid choice in the institutional market place.  The Pick-A-Paddle line of paddle products truly are the ‘Quality paddles for Quality fun’. 

The PICK-A-PADDLE BADMINTON RACQUET  started production in November of 2008.  Many years of work have gone in to the development of this break resistant Badminton Racquet. This institutional racquet will allow the Physical Educator to teach badminton skills with a playable racquet that has durability.  The patented, molded in the USA, racquet will have two models.  The Nylon strung racquet will be packaged by the Dozen or in a Pick-A-Color Six Pack.   The racquet plays extremely well and it is an excellent teaching tool.  Look for the PICK-A-PADDLE BADMINTON RACQUET in the Physical Education Supply catalogs in 2009!

Our Product History

The original, break-resistant Pick-A-Paddle.  Originally only available in 3 colors ~ now available in 7 different colors.

Our Junior model was introduced in 1994: smaller and lighter for younger players.  Now available in 6 different colors.

Table Tennis paddles introduced in 1999.  1-piece, break resistant, special soft-plastic material.  Available in 6 different colors.

Our patented badminton racquet was introduced in 2009.  It too is break resistant, and made in the USA.  Available in 6 different colors.
Our activity paddles aren't just for physical educators - now you can take the fun on the road with you! Our durable Rac-L-Ball set is also made in the USA, and it floats!
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